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So 9th December 2020 and I woke up feeling different (wanting to hold my blanket even tighter & sleep In for an extra hour) , I took a deep breath and a familiar dry yet cold air hits me ! ITS HARMATTAN!!!!

Harmattan is here and I'm super excited as this is my favourite weather plus it's almost time for the HOLIDAYS . Since I was a child Holidays and Harmattan! go together .

We all love the holidays ( gifts, parties , family and loved ones, so much food etc.) but no one likes the havoc the season wrecks on the skin. 

Harmattan has been known to leave the skin feeling and looking dry This can be a challenge for some people ( even for those of us with oily skin ) . The cold and dry weather is not an easy one because it leaves the skin dry, itchy and irritated. It can even cause severe dry skin, broken skin , eczema and psoriasis. This a major reason to take great care of your skin and switch up your regimen . 

Here are some skin-care 

Here are some skin-care tips for you for healthy skin during the harmattan / dry season.

STAY HYDRATED : this is my favourite as it involves one of my favourite things to drink : WATER ! your skin will become drier and more sensitive during this period. Take lots of water, try healthy fruit juices/ smoothies which have anti-oxidant effect and eat right. Your body needs to stay hydrated to function well.

also take warm & NOT hot showers or baths . This will help the skin stay hydrated and clean . 

MOISTURIZING : Moisturiser is a must especially during Harmattan. If you have dry skin use a heavier body butter like https://bodylikemilk.com/products/moisturizing-body-butter for those with combination/ oily skin a light weight moisturiser like -> https://bodylikemilk.com/products/vitamin-c---moisturizer 

would be best so you stay moisturised but not to greasy . 

APPLY A SUNSCREEN : apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to prevent your skin from premature aging and keep a youthful and radiant complexion.this is one of the most important things to do because even though the air is cool the sun is still very active & HOT . Stay protected use a proper Sunscreen with high spf , vegan , water resistant and good coverage like https://bodylikemilk.com/products/sun-screen-lotion 

EXFOLIATING : exfoliating the skin helps gets rid of the dead cells ( trust me we will all have enough during this particular season ) However, it is recommended that you limit the use to once a week & use a mild yet effective body / facial scrub during this season. Try this -> https://bodylikemilk.com/products/body-scrub

AVOID ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS : No I don't mean alcoholic drinks ( keep your hats on guys lol ) I'm talking about skincare products that contain alcohol ( like cleansers , face sprays etc ) , they should be avoided as much as possible as they make your skin dry during the season. Some of you may wonder since the pandemic is still very much around how do I avoid alcohol on my hands ? Using a hand sanitizer or spray is still ok but limit use and also carry a hand moisturising lotion in your purse or pocket for quick hydration. You don't want your hands looking like a dried up raisin .Try mild hand sanitizers like https://www.instagram.com/p/B-zKincFZmN/?igshid=1nnvcbk3wslnm

DON’T FORGET YOUR LIPS : No one likes a chapped lips or finds it attractive to look at , licking your lips won't solve anything and the pain that comes with those tin

So there you have it. Simple Skincare tips for this harmattan season. Ensure to follow the tips religiously if you haven’t been doing so and you should get through this season easily. Was this helpful? And do you have more tips to share? If yes Please leave a comment below . 


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 Was this helpful? And do you have more tips to share? If yes Please leave a comment below .